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A collection of all the research papers and articles that influenced my thoughts the most.
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 Pub. Year   Research Title   Institute/Lab   Conference/Journal 
2017  In-datacenter performance analysis of a TPU Google ISCA 2017 
1986  Richard Hamming: You and your research Bell Labs Miscellaneous 
2022  NeuralTree: A 256-Channel 0.227-μJ/Class Versatile Neural Activity Classification and Closed-Loop Neuromodulation SoC EPFL / Mahsa Shoaran JSSC 
2022  The Future of the High-Performance Semiconductor Industry and Design Ampere Computing ISSCC 2022 
2022  The Art of Scaling: Distributed and Connected to Sustain the Golden Age of Computation Samsung Electronics, Korea ISSCC 2022 
Last Updated: March 21, 2023
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